Machining The tailor-made signature

Choice of cutting equipment from the simplest to the most automated, for aluminum, steel, PVC and composites.

BDM, with the latest generation of machining robots, combines technology, design and functions flexibility:

  • Compact machining centers replacing individual workstations allowing optimization of the production equipment implementation,
  • Choice of static centers, oscillating or machining centers with integrated cutting module,
  • Wide choice of machining : drilling, routing, tapping, end-milling, punching, fluo-drilling, notching, counter-profiling,
  • Equipment allowing a great flexibility in the choice of tools and significant potential of up to 42 integrated tools,
  • Large capacities of integration : choices and options coupled with cutting and assembling function,
  • Chips and dust suction at the source,
  • Control of aluminium machining without lubrication.