ALBZ 100

Cutting and Machining Centre for Aluminium profiles


  • Aluminium


Fully automatic cutting and machining of aluminium profiles from areas such as

  • Construction elements
  • Curtain walls
  • Furniture
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Saw blade-Ø: 750 mm
  • Cutting speed: 80 m/s 
  • Minimum cutting length: 200 mm
  • Free cutting angles from 45° to 135°, optionally 30° to 150°
  • Number of machining units: up to 14 
  • Max. profile dimensions: Width 250 x height 300 x length 7,500 mm
  • Large variety of machining possibilities by a wide range of cutting angles, drilling and milling at all faces of the profile as well as optionally at the profile ends
  • The modular based machine structure enables customized adjustments and subsequent extensions without any problems
  • Servo-driven ball screws, which move on the x, y and z axis, position the machining module
  • Up to 14 machining units process up to 4 faces of the profile plus optionally the profile ends
  • The fully automatic supports adjustment allows using the ALBZ for profile systems with complex and most different dimensions
  • Profile is positioned by a servo-gripper with a speed up to 120 m/min
  • High operational safety and availability for an efficient production process are guaranteed through elimination of tooling times, ease of operation and robust construction
  • Automatic position correction is ensured via profile height and optionally profile width measuring
  • Comfortable control with industrial PC with TFT screen is available