ALBZ 100

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ALBZ 100

CNC Machining and cutting center for aluminium profiles

Our fully automated ALBZ center is dedicated to the machining and cutting of aluminum profiles for joinery or any other field of activity, aeronautics, railway, building industry.

Cutting at variable angles and machining on all sides of the profile offer maximum flexibility.

Easy operation and robust design ensure maximum operation, high availability for efficient production.


  • Wide range of machining, drilling and milling possibilities on all faces of the profile and, optionally, at the ends of the profiles
  • Modular machine design allows for custom adjustments and subsequent extensions
  • The fully digitized automatic devices adjustment allows the ALBZ to machine very complex profiles and with totally different dimensions
  • This center meets all your needs : functionality, performance, accuracy, operational safety and availability
  • Automatic position correction by measuring the height and, optionally, the width of the profile
  • Efficient machine control thanks our dedicated software

Production capacity depending on machine configuration