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Machining centre for profiles in Aluminium, PVC or composite

Our single-station CNC ASTER machining center is a compact, flexible and versatile centre for all types of machining of your profiles.

Complete production tool, fully enclosed and soundproofed, particularly suitable for working on 3 sides of all profiles with its 4th rotating axis.

Possibility of machining at the ends of the workpiece as an option


  • Machine existing in 3 lengths 2.5/3 or 4 meters
  • Reliable and precise machine for drilling, milling and tapping steel, aluminum, PVC or composite profiles
  • Independent shuttle, rotation and placement of vices during machining operations
  • Magazine capacity 10 tools
  • Automatictoolchangeaccordingtomachinings
  • Dubus software for production management

Production capacity depending on machine configuration