CND 2000 S

Numerically controlled machining centre for Aluminium profiles


  • Aluminium
  • Steel


  • 3 or 4 axis machining centre for work on Aluminium, Light Metal, even Steel parts
  • Drilling, milling and tapping operations
  • Suitable for curved profiles and complex shapes

Allowable part dimensions:

  • Length (X axis): 3,000 mm to 15,000 mm
  • Width (Y axis): 200 mm or 400 mm
  • Height (Z axis): 200 mm or 400 mm
  • Speeds: X axis = 50 m/min – Y axis = 30 m/min / Z axis = 15 m/min
  • 3 axis numerical control centre
  • Machining spindle mounted on the 4th numerically oriented axis, power 5 to 12 kW
  • Comprising a large section fixed frame mechanically welded structure and a moving ram
  • Allows drilling, milling, and tapping operations including on curved profiles and complex shapes
  • Ability to work as double station using its clamping system, movable length stop and collision prevention software
  • On board tool loader for increased flexibility and productivity
  • Delivered with control console and electrical cabinet
  • Varied applications: industrial joinery, vehicle, aircraft and rail subcontracting…
  • Combines accuracy and speed of execution
  • Connects to your CAMM via user friendly software, for the recovery of your files and machining program management